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How much does it cost to use Eventbrite?

Updated: Nov 07, 2014

  • It's free for organizers to use Eventbrite as long as you're not charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. For every ticket you sell using Eventbrite, we charge 2.5% of the ticket value plus $0.99 per ticket in U.S. dollars.

No matter how much you charge, we cap our service fee at $9.95 per ticket for event organizers. If you use Eventbrite as your credit card processor, the Eventbrite Payment Processing fee is just 3% of the ticket cost. If you use PayPal or to collect payment, the Eventbrite fee is the same and you pay their processing fees.

You can even choose whether to absorb the fees, pass them on to your attendees, or split the fees, and all fees are returned if orders are refunded.

With Eventbrite Payment Processing, funds are sent out 5 days after the day your event ends by direct deposit or mail. We also have an Advance Payout program that initiates payouts bi-weekly. Just remember to enter your payout details to make sure you receive your funds after your event ends.

If you're using PayPal or Authorize.Net instead, they'll pay out on their own specific schedule.

Tip: Eventbrite Payment Processing is the default way to accept payments when you set up a paid event, and in most cases the cheapest and smoothest option for organizers and attendees. You can change this until your first ticket sale.

Pro Tip: See our fees in all supported currencies.


Note: In the U.S., Eventbrite accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) and we're PCI compliant. See what we support around the world.

Example: The Opera House charges $150 per ticket for their annual charity gala. They use Eventbrite Payment Processing to collect the money which costs $4.50 per ticket and Eventbrite's Service Fee is $4.74 per ticket. The Opera House chooses to pay for both fees, so they will receive $140.76 per ticket sold from Eventbrite after their event.

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